Is a termite clearance required to purchase or sell a home?

A termite report and clearance is necessary when the lender requires a clearance before funding a loan. A lender generally requires a “Section 1” clearance. Section 1 items in a termite report indicate that there is damage in the structure caused by dry rot or termites. These items will need corrective work before the loan is funded. Lenders do not require “Section 2” items to be repaired, although these items indicate there are conditions present that will lead to future damage.

If I am making a cash transaction should I still have a termite inspection?

Do not take for granted your opportunity to have your house inspected. Institutional lenders require termite inspections for good reason, if you purchase a house infested with insects that harm the structure, your house will be greatly devalued. YOU should be just as concerned about your investment even without a loan.

What is dry rot?

Dry rot is a fungus that destroys wood. Dry rot can be prevented by controlling moisture. Our houses all inevitably are exposed to moisture which can cause dry rot over time. Some of the biggest causes of excess moisture are condensation, invisible leaks, poor drainage, overflowing rain gutters, cracked roof tiles, standing water in kitchens and baths, sprinklers hitting your home etc. Dry rot softens the wood which is bad enough, but then it also attracts termites who love to eat soft wood.

What should I expect during a termite inspection?

Our experienced inspector will make a thorough investigation of the structure (usually starting with the basement or foundation and exterior of the house to make sure that no structural wood is in contact with the soil).
We will be looking for evidence of termites (wood damage, cellulose shavings on the soil near the foundation, termite tubes and tunneling in wooden beams), and also for signs of mold, fungus, wood decay, dry rot,standing water and leaks and or damage caused by water leaks.
The inspector will make a written report describing his findings and this will be typed by our office staff and given to all interested parties usually within 48 hours. A copy is also filed with the state inspection board and is available to the public after 10 days of the inspection.

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